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Why Creative Choice

This is where you normally read a slogan like “Your satisfaction is my goal” or something equally empty. Instead, let me explain why I started this site. As a published writer, I love every second of my job but I’m not Stephen King, so need some more income than my books provide. So I decided to make the creative muscle that I routinely flex as a writer, available on the market. Combined with my background in IT and philosophy, my international lifestyle and family, there is so much I can offer you…

Let me get more specific:


Copywriting, Translation, Websites, WordPress, SEO, Maintenance

Divide and Conquer sounds good, but you often need to hire a different person for every well-defined task. It is easy to lose track of all those wonderful minds helping you. What you really want is a person who actually gets where you want to go and can push the right buttons to make the process smooth and agile. What you need is a Creative Ideas Consultant.

Creative Ideas Consulting

Creative Ideas Consulting (CIC) is a proven concept to give your business proposition the edge it needs in today’s competitive environment. Here is how it works in three steps:

I analyze your concept – free of charge – from my  external vantage point of a widely traveled, multilingual writer with philosophy and computer science degrees and will give you quick feedback, explaining what I can offer;

If you give the go-ahead I dive deeper and generate creative ideas. Think of ways to enhance your offline or online communication, ideas to connect (I have a large network on LinkedIn and other places to leverage), ideas for products. For this service, I charge a competitive startup-fee;

In a third face, I can implement my ideas for you. Think of fixing an issue with your web site (I am also a WordPress expert), translation, SEO copywriting or writing a paper about a creative idea that can be presented in a board room.



Feel free to contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I currently work in the Amsterdam timezone (GMT+1)

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