Your creative choice is my daily bread: I am Kamiel Choi, a language artist who makes ideas dance.

This is where you normally read a slogan like “Your satisfaction is my goal” or something equally empty. Instead, let me explain why I started this site. As a published writer, I love every second of my job but I’m not Dan Brown, so I need some more income than my books provide. That’s why I decided to make the creative muscle that I routinely flex as a writer, available to you. Combined with my academic background in both IT and philosophy and my international experience, there is a lot I can offer… but let me be more specific:



Divide and Conquer sounds good, but you often need to hire a different person for every well-defined task.

It is easy to lose track of all those wonderful minds helping you. What you really want is a person who actually gets you where you want to go and can push the right buttons to make the process smooth and agile, even joyful. What you need is a creative spider with a powerful network to get the job done.



I work as a reliable freelance linguist since 2011 for countless clients and a number of large international agencies. Source languages include English, German, Spanish, French and Korean. Learn more on the translation page or contact me for a specific request.



I also have web design skills. Let’s talk if you prefer pixel precision over one-size-fits all retail design. I work mainly with WordPress, but have seen most full stack setups and know my way around. My M.Sc. in computer science from Eindhoven University comes in handy.


Creative Ideas Consulting

Creative Ideas Consulting (CIC) is an exciting concept I have developed to give your business proposition the edge it needs in today’s competitive environment. Here is how it works in three steps:

  1. I analyze your concept – free of charge – from my  external vantage point of a widely traveled, multilingual writer with philosophy and computer science degrees and will give you quick feedback, explaining what I can offer;
  2. If you give the go-ahead I dive deeper and generate creative ideas. Think of ways to enhance your offline or online communication, ideas to connect (I have a large network on LinkedIn and other places to leverage), ideas for products. For this service, I charge a competitive startup-fee;
  3. In a third phase, I can implement my ideas for you. Think of fixing an issue with your web site (I am also a WordPress expert), translation, SEO copywriting or writing a paper about a creative idea that can be presented in a board room.


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