networkI can do a lot, but I can’t do everything. So I work together with other independent professionals. That is my approach to work: coordinate and cooperate, rather than harsh competition among individual freelancers. I am connected to many other freelancers with very interesting skill sets. So if you are looking for anything that I can’t get done, I’ll probably be able to introduce you to someone who can. I will listen to you and see if I know the right person for your job, and I’ll introduce you without asking any fees.


This is not a commercial scheme. I do it because I believe in the collaborative economy. I understand our professional interactions from a systemic point of view, which means that we can optimize it. There is an optimal way to work out there, optimal for the planet and the thriving of our species on it, and we are inevitably moving towards it. There is no need for the esoteric – just common sense and an understanding of the emergent features of well-connected groups.

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