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You want a text that doesn’t stumble. You want a text that naturally engages its readers.

I am an editor and proofreader for my native Dutch since 2005, and have worked for companies like Transperfect, Inc. and SDL Language Weaver, Inc. on copy ranging from user manuals and technical documentation to written communication and privacy statements.

When proofreading your text, I will:

  • Run a complete spell and grammar check;
  • Verify that the meaning of the source is adequately conveyed;
  • Check for writing style, and improve according to your preferences;
  • Localize your text according to your preferences;
  • Check for hyphenation issues (widows and orphans);
  • Check and resolve any layout issues

You can send a part of your text to kamiel [at] and I will respond with a non-binding quotation.

I also offer creative editing services in German and English.