Socratic spring

Socratic spring

It is April and the sun is shining. Outside, the city of Seoul is blessed with beautiful cherry blossoms. Inside, I am pondering my latest (ad)venture: I have decided to offer online Socratic conversations again. In this blog I would like to explain my motivation.

First of all, a large part of our lives takes place online. Most people now feel really at home on their social media profiles. If you are looking for a job, you look online job boards. If you are looking for facts, you go to Wikipedia. There is already a plethora of platforms that offer online coaching sessions, so now is the right time to make myself heard. In tomorrow’s world, most therapy and coaching sessions will take place online. With HD video and surround sound, there are hardly any technological hurdles left. The only thing that is holding back is lack of acceptance, and that peters out as the generation that came of age before the Internet, retires.

Secondly, philosophical reflection is what the Zeitgeist needs. In the fast culture of influencers and group think, it is important to question the concepts we use independently. We don’t need historical philosophers, much less Youtube stars, to tell us about the meaning of live. We need critical thinking that is aware of what came before, but enlightened enough not to follow it blindly. With my Socratic conversation offer, I hope to contribute to that.

Finally, I seriously enjoy a good conversation. It helps us regain focus and is a great defense against the shallowness of the endless stream of online articles that is designed to distract us. It is the most human thing to do. A good conversation will be memorable and inspiring – a gift that keeps giving.



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